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Tuscany road trip winter 2010
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IMG  6298
The two-week vacation to Italy allowed Eliot to become extremely relaxed and comfortable with his nonna and nonno. So Ilaria and I took the opportunity to attempt our first trip without Eliot.

Previously we rode the train to Florence, the biggest city in Tuscany. By taking a the car this time, we planned to visit the smaller towns and see the hillside farms, vineyards, and olive groves.
IMG  6300
We didn't start with the best weather.
IMG  6301
But we did have a rainbow.
IMG  6306
Our first stop was Orvieto where the Umbria jazz festival was underway.
IMG  6311
It was raining off and on, but the rain held back long enough
IMG  6328
to get a
IMG  6332
good look
IMG  6333
at the
IMG  6335
IMG  6336
and the Cathedral of Orvieto.
IMG  6338
Orvieto sits on top of a large hill (a butte to be precise).
IMG  6368
To reach the town you need to take a
IMG  6365
IMG  6347
Like many of the towns in Umbria and Tuscany, the city is on the hill and the valley contains all of the farms, vineyards, and olive groves.
IMG  6344
This cat has a nice view.
IMG  6341
IMG  6369
Our base for the trip was a small hotel in Chianciano. It was pooring rain when we arrived that nite. When we told the innkeeper, we were just having sandwiches in our room for dinner because we didn't want to get wet again, she gave us a bottle of house wine for our meal.
IMG  6372
The next morning we drove to nearby Montepulciano.
IMG  6373
From the base of the town,
IMG  6377
we had nice views of the
IMG  6378
IMG  6384
Inside the city center, we visited
IMG  6386
a winery
IMG  6387
and spent a long time talking to the
IMG  6389
head wine guy
IMG  6391
IMG  6392
wanted us to sample his wines.
IMG  6393
He was super nice, but at 9AM I wasn't really in the mood for wine.
IMG  6395
Montepulciano was one of my favorite towns of the trip.
IMG  6410
A classic
IMG  6411
little Tuscan town.
IMG  6413
It's a pretty small place
IMG  6414
to live
IMG  6416
but a beautiful place
IMG  6417
to visit
IMG  6419
IMG  6420
IMG  6421
We left
IMG  6422
IMG  6424
and drove through vineyards and olives on our way to
IMG  6434
Cortona where we parked next to an Etruscan wall.
IMG  6438
Cortona is another hillside town with windy, steep, and narrow streets that you wonder how anyone can drive home on. It had this
IMG  6439
nice little church,
IMG  6440
whose simplicity I much prefer to the frequently over-the-top marble/paintings filled catholic churches that pervade Italy.
IMG  6443
In Cortona, we saw some relics of St. Francis (I still think deifying random stuff from dead people is odd).
IMG  6447
And I ate the
IMG  6455
best sandwich of the trip (Porchetta), which we bought at a farmer's market.
IMG  6458
One of the reals jewels of Italy is that even in these small towns you can find
IMG  6459
some of the most important artworks in the world.
IMG  6462
After Cortona we drove to
IMG  6465
Castiglione del Lago.
IMG  6467
I really liked this
IMG  6468
IMG  6471
IMG  6475
Outside of the walls were many
IMG  6482
olive trees
IMG  6485
and a large
IMG  6486
IMG  6488
A pretty spectacular
IMG  6490
setting for a town.
IMG  6495
Castiglione del Lago was really small and definitely worth the couple of hours we spent walking around, then we headed to
IMG  6518
Citta' della Pieve. After the blend of a beautiful walled city on a lakeside setting, I initially found Citta' della Pieve underwhelming. But in the end I really liked the city
IMG  6504
that contains one of the
IMG  6505
IMG  6506
IMG  6507
in Italy.
IMG  6508
IMG  6509
IMG  6521
It also contained one of the world's great artworks,
IMG  6537
a painting by Perugino (who was born there)
IMG  6539
housed in the chapel of the town's cathedral. In the chapel are the robes of the town's religous fraternity
IMG  6541
which feels like something from the Da Vinci Code.
IMG  6542
Outside of the city was
IMG  6543
a little
IMG  6544
IMG  6548
Getting out of the city was a bit of an
IMG  6562
adventure, because we got lost and spent a lot of time on dirt roads on our drive towards
IMG  6568
San Casciano dei Bagni
IMG  6573
where we took a
IMG  6575
short walk and had a hot chocolate and a little dessert.
IMG  6577
That night we went out to dinner at a restaurant close to our hotel. Ilaria really liked her pasta, but to me it tasted surprisingly similar to Chef Boyardee.
IMG  6583
The next morning we made a quick stop at
IMG  6580
Chiesa di San Biagio (at the base of Montepuciano)
IMG  6585
and then we drove from the classic Tuscan landscape
IMG  6597
to the more rustic "badlands"
IMG  6600
IMG  6603
near the
IMG  6606
Abbey of Monte Oliveto Maggiore.
IMG  6617
After leaving the Abbey via the castle's drawbridge
IMG  6624
we drove to the classic Tuscan city,
IMG  6629
IMG  6632
We only had the morning to spend in Siena, which isn't close to enough time to adequately explore this historic city,
IMG  6642
so we explored the main sites
IMG  6643
like Piazza del Campo, the famous square where they hold the twice annual insane horse races (Palio di Siena).
IMG  6646
The square
IMG  6647
is a great place to hang out
IMG  6652
but I actually preferred just wandering around the old streets.
IMG  6653
Our last stop in Siena
IMG  6663
was the famous Duomo.
IMG  6665
They initially planned to make this cathedral much larger than even
IMG  6666
St. Peters in Rome.
IMG  6669
But the expansions never progressed that far.
IMG  6671
Even at its current size,
IMG  6673
it's really difficult to take a decent picture of this massive church because it's crammed into all of the surrounding buildings with no free land to step back and observe the church as a whole.

It was definitely worth taking the time to stop in Siena; I just hope we have time in the future to go stay there for a day or two and fill in the details we skipped over on this trip.
IMG  6686
Next we drove to a Tuscan city where they make
IMG  6688
one of the most prestigious of all of premium wines made in Tuscany.
IMG  6693
The whole town of Montalcino
IMG  6694
is now a tourist stop with
IMG  6702
a singular focus
IMG  6706
Brunello di Montalcino.

This most famous wine of Montalcino is sold in every store and restaurant. The whole town is a promotion for the wine. I ordered a glass to share with Ilaria over lunch. It was my first taste of Brunello di Montalcino. Not a life-changing experience, but certainly one of the best wines I've tried.
IMG  6707
Overall Montalcino was like a smaller version of Montalpulciano, but with too many signs advertising the sale of Brunello di Montalcino, it felt very American.

As we headed for home, we stopped by one last site.
IMG  6710
Bagno Vignoni is a town where the main square is
IMG  6711
actually a
IMG  6715
IMG  6721
thermal bath.
IMG  6722
Then we followed the rolling hills of Tuscany
IMG  6723
all the way home
IMG  6724
where our arrival brought tears of confusion and joy to Eliot who had missed us. We had a fantastic time driving around Tuscany and Umbria (thanks for watching Eliot Nonno and Nonna!), but we were happy to all be together again.