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Venezia Summer 2005
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Ah, a home cooked meal after so many days on the road.
We stayed at Ilaria's dad's cousin's kid's house. This is their kid, Edoardo. He's a clever little dude. Unfortunately for him, we took over his room while we were there.
family Meal
I wouldn't recognize my dad's cousin's kid, or even consider asking them if I can stay at their house. But Italians are much more family oriented then Americans. They treated us like we were their brothers and sisters. Really was amazing. Pictured are: Antonio (the husband of Ilaria's dad's cousin's kid), Anna (Ilaria's dad's cousin's kid), Adone (Ilaria's dad's cousin's husband), and Ilaria.
And finally here's Gulia, Ilaria's dad's cousin, who cooked for the entire family the second nite we were there.
padua 1
The family lived in a house in Padua (Antonio, Edoardo, and Anna upstairs; Adone and Gulia downstairs).
padua 2
Antonio and Anna gave us a whirlwind tour of Padua. It was a great old city centered around a famous university (where Galileo hung out).
The family had a large garden.
And they even had fresh eggs!!! But let's work our way now towards Venezia (Venice).
After I fixed Ilaria's minor dilemma with the bathtub,
and Gulia fixed my minor dilemma with the family cat almost jumping out the window onto the roof (and I spoke to her in my rough Italian: il gatto nella finestra)
train Venezia
We took the train to Venezia.
I'm trying something a little different with this story. I keep a journal, particularly when I travel. I'm just going to write out what I wrote in the journal and try to fit pictures to it: here we go.....

On Venezia

venezia 1
When you first enter Venezia, it takes your breath away.
You take your first vaporetto ride
grand Canal
down the Grand Canal
grand Canal 2
and your heart is just racing.
There are so many new things to see.
Its like when you were a little kid
and even the little things like taking the top off a pen amazed you.
venezia 3
Here you find all things on dry land
venezia 4
have a new Venetian form.
trash Boat
The trashman drives a boat,
construction Boat
the construction people go by boat.
water Taxi
taxis -> boats
water Ambulance
ambulances -> faster boats.
You walk down the little streets
murano Street
and find little passageways that seem so hidden
venezia Canal
it feels like you're the one that discovered them.
venezia Dead End
Most lead to dead ends, and you backtrack.
murano Piazza
But some lead to beautiful little squares that you feel are your secret
venezia Stairs
or little pieces of wondrous architecture.
st Marks Square
The main sites are overcrowded
J St Marks Square
with tourists
Basilico Di San Marco
enough to make the city feel really heavy.
San Marco 2
I felt suffocated by all the Americans walking around (I know... I'm American.)
Italian speakers are almost hard to find in these areas.
murano 1
But if you journey out to the near islands like Murano,
murano Glass 1
you see ancient crafts
murano Glass 2
like glass-making
murano Glass 3
performed in the same manner as they've been for centuries.
murano 2
Plus, much fewer tourists make it this far out.
burano 1
Moving on to the more distant island, Burano, famous for its lace making artisans,
women Burano
you find much smaller residential life
BWwindow Burano
rather than the city life you've come to expect on these islands.
boots Burano
Burano fills the world around you with color.
burano Umbrella
Not just one street or block,
burano 2
but every street and every block.
burano 3
I don't know if they have neighborhood codes, but every house is beautiful and none run down.
canal 1
Unfortunately, Venezia on the second day lost its magic for me.
venezia Pizza
Walking through the tiny carless streets was certainly not devoid of unique beauty.
canal 2
Really, every corner made you feel like you had to take another picture, as this was the most beautiful canal yet,
venezia Canal 3
no this one,
venezia Canal 4
no this one.
venezia Semetary
Although everything was unique,
venezia Boat
I found myself getting used to walking around what now felt more like a boat than a magic land.
venezia Boat 2
But it was still a nice boat.
venezia Park
A giant one with large parks that looked out to sea.
venezia Park 2
And the second day was not wasted time.
Ilaria Shopping Cart
But it reminded me that humans always need new adventure.
grand Canal 3
Doing a great adventure twice is never twice as good.
gondola Flowers
If we go to the moon again as George Bush wants, it'll be on the front page of every newspaper in the world.
gondola Tourists
but it won't have the same magic.
Jeremiah Faith Camera
As for me,
venice bridge dusk
I gotta go find a new adventure.