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Watching the World Cup final in Boston
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boston mennonite sign
While the Mennonites were taking Boston Common
boston common mennonites
back in time a few hundred years,
north end italian flag
the Italian immigrants of Boston were celebrating a new found youth as their homeland prepared for the World Cup final in Germany.
IMG  3639
My landlord's family sewed together this huge flag!
IMG  3640
People were driving around in Italian colors for hours before the game.
north end italian dog
Even the dogs were included in the festivities.
world cup italy hanover
Ilaria and I walked towards Government Center where Mayor Menino had arranged for all kinds of games and a huge screen for everyone to watch the game on.

On the way we ended up
world cup italy hanover parade
in this impromptu parade on Hanover St.
IMG  3646
ilaria foosball
At government center,
human foosball
Ilaria took part in a match of human foosball.
world cup screen scollay square
They had transported this enormous screen overnight on the back of a semi (can't imagine that was really cheap). It was a beautiful self-contained unit complete with a mechanism to raise and lower the screen and a generator to power it.
scollay square
Government Center's Scollay square was starting to fill up.

And a couple hours later,
scollay square world cup
it was completely full of people
scollay square world cup italy
watching the soccer match between Italy and France
giant screen Boston city hall
on the giant screen in front of Boston City Hall.
IMG  3655
Tim (the boss of ilaria and I) and Wendy (his wife) came down with some of their friends to watch the game with us. Wendy was just about ready to birth Julien, and she tolerated the heat (it was really hot) and the crowd like a completely unpregnant person. I could never be that tough.
world cup italy tied
The group of people in Boston was so large, that they even showed us several times on the ABC television broadcast. But for some reason, they never showed us cheering, so we always looked like a bunch of goobers on TV.

The game ended tied (and included an interesting headbutt).
Boston world cup italy wins
But Italy won it in the shootout.
IMG  3662
And the crowd (mostly Italian fans) went crazy.
IMG  3664
ilaria world cup faint
Ilaria fainted a little from the thrill of victory and the extreme heat / dehydration,
wendy world cup ilaria
while Wendy remained a model of calm and elegance.
IMG  3673
The Italian superman was satisfied
IMG  3678
as were the Italian team
world cup italy trophy
around their new trophy.
IMG  3681
Because after a long battle, they attained
world cup italian victory
IMG  3683
IMG  3686
After the game,
IMG  3688
most of the crowd made its way over to Hanover St. where Ilaria and I live.
IMG  3689
In some ways, it's nice to have your street be the center of attention,
IMG  3690
but in other ways, it makes it a little difficult to navigate to your house.
IMG  3693
The party lasted until late in the night with people driving around the streets singing the Italian national anthem.
hanover street after world cup
Pretty special day for the Italians in Boston. I'm glad I could share in it a little.