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Wild West road trip Day10 Antelope Island and Salt Lake City Utah
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utah sign
The next day we headed south to explore Utah.
IMG  1385
We started the day at Antelope Island
IMG  1386
on the Great Salt Lake.
IMG  1401
Which besides
IMG  1402
IMG  1393
also contains quite a number of buffalo brought here many years ago by ranchers.
IMG  1404
IMG  1407
provided yet another
IMG  1405
unique American landscape.
IMG  1413
IMG  1416
The buffalo liked to hang out
IMG  1422
on the salty beaches.
IMG  1427
While the camouflaged antelope
IMG  1433
IMG  1437
IMG  1438
the grasses
IMG  1441
and crossed the road
IMG  1443
hopped through the grasses
IMG  1445
and crossed the road.
IMG  1452
After Antelope Island, we headed to
IMG  1457
the Mormon capital of the US
IMG  1468
Salt Lake City.
IMG  1460
The church headquarters had the most impressive public restrooms I've ever seen. I suppose they have a lot of church conferences here and they need enormous restrooms for all of the people.
IMG  1462
But they must also have some kinda, "though shalt keep the cleanest public restrooms in the world" statement in their Book of Mormon, because these things were immaculate.
IMG  1470
The mormons run a pretty impressive show there. They let you go visit all of buildings except the gigantic temple, which they only allow themselves to enter for special occassions.
IMG  1481
There were plenty of well-dressed Mormon-looking folks walking around everywhere to help you out and try to teach you about their religion, but no one was overbearing, which was nice.
IMG  1477
Ilaria and went into the Assembly hall where they host most of their Mormon events. This lady did a demonstration of the pretty good acoustics of the hall. Outside they were really hyping how you could hear a pin drop in the pulpit from the back of the hall. I was less impressed by their demonstration when I heard the pin drop onto a hollow wooden block which efficiently amplified the sound of the pin falling.
IMG  1471
Here's the founder of the church -- Joseph Smith. An angel let this dude know that he had some metal/gold plates buried in a hill near his house that revealed the future of the Christian Church.
IMG  1469
A lot of the statues and exhibits at the church headquarters are devoted to the religion's early pioneers, who went through a lot of crap before they finally settled in the arid land no one wanted: Utah.
IMG  1493
Initially the Mormons settled in Missouri where they claimed most of the biblical events occured (the Garden of Eden was there; Noah left from there). The Missouri folk would have no part of these Mormons on their land, and kicked them out.
IMG  1490
Overall Salt Lake City and the Mormon headquarters was worth seeing, but I'd be in no hurry to go back; it's no Vatican.
IMG  1496
After Salt Lake City, we drove what Ilaria claims is the nicest piece of Interstate in the US (based on this trip and a Southwest trip she took with Elisabetta).
IMG  1505
It was
IMG  1510
IMG  1512
a nice drive
IMG  1523
especially the Salt Wash view area.
IMG  1525
When the Mormons first arrived here after Brigham Young told them to settle in Utah, they knew they'd been given one difficult place to settle.
IMG  1532
In the end only a few cowboys with detailed knowledge of where to find water were able to survive here.
IMG  1547
But it is certainly
utah pana 1b
a beautiful place to stop
utah pana 3
and look at our planet.
IMG  1556
We stopped for the night
wild west map day 10  1
in Green River.