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Wild West road trip Day3 Wyoming, Grand Teton, Idaho Falls
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IMG  0272
We woke up the next day and took a quick drive around
IMG  0274
Rawlins, WY.
IMG  0278
The main tourist site in town was an old penitentiary (1901-1981)
IMG  0283
that provided tours
Wyoming State Penitentiary
and a free museum.
IMG  0279
the most famous inmate was Bill Carlisle, the great train robber, but the jail also housed a one-arm artist that made lots of nice paintings that were on display.

Ilaria and I wanted to take the tour, but changed our minds after learning the tour was 1hr long.
IMG  0288
And we hit Highway 287
IMG  0290
for what I thought were some of the most beautiful landscapes of the trip.
IMG  0299
There really aren't too many folks in Wyoming.
IMG  0300
Cows and wild horses roam the land.

I just don't understand how ranchers ever find the cows, they have some much room to roam.
IMG  0302
We stopped at Split Rock
IMG  0309
for a couple photos of Ilaria and
IMG  0311
Ilaria's little pancetta.
IMG  0307
In my first attempt at a group shot, I set the timer on 2 seconds, but I wasn't 2 seconds fast.
IMG  0308
10 seconds was enough.
IMG  0314
Wyoming is the least populous US state with only around 500,000 residents (it has the second lowest population density, just behind Alaska).
IMG  0315
Driving through the state,
IMG  0321
I wondered why more folks wouldn't want to live in such a peaceful and beautiful place, but based on the wind blocking and the automatic road closing devices along our trip, I'd guess they have one heck of a nasty winter. The US government also owns almost half of the state's land.
IMG  0305
IMG  0306
IMG  0332
Split Rock was used as a landmark by the folks on the Oregon trail heading west, because you could see it for an entire day's travel from the east and you could see it behind you for two more days to the west.

Ilaria and I might have been some pretty bad pioneers, because couldn't figure out which of the many rocks around us was the real Split Rock. At first we thought this was it,
IMG  0335
but then I saw this in the rear view mirror, and decided maybe we'd have been ok pioneers, that looks like a pretty good Split Rock.
IMG  0336
Up ahead we could see we were going to drive through a little rain.
IMG  0352
Then we started seeing snow-capped mountains for the first time in Wyoming.
IMG  0356
And a few minutes later we were driving through a red desert (Wyoming is amazing).
IMG  0368
We stopped in a little frontier-style town to by some frontier gasoline.

$4 a gallon
IMG  0372
even though they're pumping the stuff only a few feet away.
IMG  0375
IMG  0377
A new experience for Ilaria and I was driving through Indian Reservations. We'd do so a lot on this trip, and everytime it was like entering a foreign country where there are few hotels and the houses are mostly rundown. Pretty sad.
IMG  0386
After some more desert,
IMG  0389
and muddy stream,
IMG  0403
and another frontier-style town (we were beginning to realize that all towns in Wyoming are frontier-style),
IMG  0408
we were suddenly at the beginning of an Alpine forest (Wyoming is amazing).
IMG  0412
After a few minutes of driving
IMG  0420
into the forest
IMG  0422
it was almost hard to imagine that we'd been in a desert only a little while ago.
IMG  0427
Beyond the under-construction road that we could see our destination -- the Grand Tetons.
IMG  0433
What a nice place to drive
IMG  0435
or to take a panoramic photo.
IMG  0447
This is Mount Moran, with a small glacier and a black strip on top of it.
IMG  0460
A crack between the rocks was filled with lava, which cooled fast and made this characteristic stripe of dark rock, which is visible today.
IMG  0462
I really wanted to head to Jenny Lake,
IMG  0472
which I'd heard was the nicest place to view
teton Pana 2
the mountains.
IMG  0477
After a little problems with a tour bus that was jammin the parking lot, we got there
IMG  0481
took a quick shot of the pancetta
IMG  0483
and ourselves.
IMG  0484
Pretty nice spot on the planet.
IMG  0486
We'd planned to spend the nite
IMG  0488
in Jackson, WY.
IMG  0489
But it was really expensive and felt like tourists+capitalism had turned it into a piece of crap.
IMG  0498
So we drove along
IMG  0508
the snake river
IMG  0514
into Idaho.
IMG  0534
We stopped
IMG  0524
by a dam
IMG  0531
that was making
IMG  0536
lake Pana At Idaho
from this
IMG  0530
IMG  0538
that flowed into this lovely valley.
IMG  0556
I was expecting lots of potatoes. So I couldn't quite figure out what was going on when we passed miles and miles
wheat Pana
of this yellow stuff.
IMG  0559
I figured it was some kinda grain.
IMG  0560
Turns out they must be growing most of the world's breakfast cereal in Idaho.
IMG  0562
I don't know why Idaho potatoes are so famous. Based on this trip, I'll forever associate Idaho with wheat.
IMG  0568
I even took a wheat that I keep in my car for good luck.
IMG  0570
We stopped for the day in Idaho falls,
IMG  0571
which was nicer
IMG  0572
than I expected.
IMG  0575
IMG  0577
We watched this fisherman
IMG  0578
catch a rubber ducky.
IMG  0580
We found a (cleaner) twin to our Scion XD while looking for a hotel.
IMG  0581
We ended up sleeping at a hotel next to where General Mills was processing all of that cereal.
wild west map day 2  1
From the deserts of Wyoming, to the snow of the Grand Tetons, to the wheat of Idaho, we'd certainly had a diverse range of scenery in only a single day.