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Wild West road trip Day4 Yellowstone National Park
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IMG  0582
We left Idaho Falls and took the scenic road towards Yellowstone. In these small towns the cowboys have upgraded (downgraded?) from horses to bicycles.
IMG  0586
We saw lots of farms
IMG  0590
including the famous Idaho potato (still we saw quite a lot of wheat too).
IMG  0613
We saw more turf roof buildings in Idaho than we did in Iceland, which is supposed to be famous for turf roofs.
IMG  0608
Our goal with the scenic road
idaho Pana
was to see
IMG  0627
the Grand Tetons
IMG  0618
from the west.
grand Tetons Idaho
IMG  0628
It was a nice
IMG  0642
IMG  0644
drive through Idaho
IMG  0658
until we reached
IMG  0660
Yellowstone National Park.
IMG  0664
IMG  0671
nice place
IMG  0672
for a drive (or whitewater rafting or hiking or seeing animals).
IMG  0674
Before long we were at the geothermally active areas
IMG  0675
The were more areas
IMG  0435
and much larger ones than we'd seen in Iceland,
IMG  0682
but when we'd seen them in Iceland we were the only ones around
IMG  0683
and the hot areas were surrounded by acres of snow.
IMG  0442
Still these sites like the Grand Prismatic Spring were certainly worth seeing (check out that thick orange bacterial biofilm).
IMG  0684
Here's the steaming hot Silex Spring.
IMG  0687
And I personally just can never see enough boiling mud. That stuff is so interesting. Makes me just want to jump right in and take a bath (but I'd get kicked out of the park and burnt really bad, so I refrained myself).
IMG  0691
Before long
IMG  0693
we were seeing our first
IMG  0696
geyser. This one is Twig Geyser.
IMG  0700
This one is Spasm Geyser.
IMG  0701
True to its name it was really freaking out randomly and kicking up sulfur-smelling water all over everyone.

Around half of the world's geysers are in Yellowstone. No other region comes even close to that number.
IMG  0708
As we were leaving our first series of geysirs and mud pots, we saw one of the old Yellowstone Park buses.
IMG  0445
Then we headed to the most Disneyland feeling tourist heavy part of the park.
IMG  0446
We thousands of people sat together for many minutes
IMG  0447
IMG  0449
for Old Faithful
IMG  0454
to shoot water
IMG  0459
way up into the air.
IMG  0466
Ilaria really wanted to see some of the park's wildlife
IMG  0709
so after a quick break
IMG  0480
for Ilaria to stick her feet in the cold water
IMG  0484
at a non-touristy area (Lake Yellowstone),
IMG  0485
Ilaria, myself,
IMG  0487
and the just-developing little one
IMG  0491
went out to find Buffalo.
IMG  0711
Turns out it's pretty easy to find Buffalo in the Southeast of the park.
coyote Yellowstone
But we also got to meet a coyote,
IMG  0493
which was pretty neat.
IMG  0494
We soon learned that in Yellowstone, buffalos are in charge. There's a buffalo in the lane ahead and he could care less about the line of traffic he's making.
IMG  0500
He was just looking for something to eat.
IMG  0503
After a little more geothermal
IMG  0504
IMG  0506
we drove north, where we found a few buffalos
IMG  0509
hanging out by the water.
IMG  0513
Pretty amazing place.
IMG  0514
IMG  0516
If wildlife, boiling mud, and geysers are enough for you Yellowstone National Park also has its own Grand Canyon.
IMG  0519
Complete with
IMG  0524
two different
IMG  0529
IMG  0527
We also met a deer by one of the falls.
IMG  0532
Ilaria took a picture of this fisherman, as we headed towards the park's exit.
IMG  0533
The first Buffalo you see in the park tends to make you pull over illegally and slow up all of all of the traffic.
IMG  0534
But it gets ridiculous when people are all stopping at the exit/entrance of the park and no one can get in or out.
IMG  0536
Plus it give the buffalo enough time to get in the middle of the road and stop even more cars. This buffalo took a liking to our Scion XD and came right up and smelt the bumper for a little while.
IMG  0537
But eventually we got out of the park
wild west map day 3  1
and found a place to sleep in Wapiti as it was getting dark.