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Wild West road trip Day5 Cody, Yellowstone, Prairie Dogs
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IMG  0719
We woke up on our fifth day of the road trip in our hotel in Wapiti.
IMG  0714
On a hill behind the hotel was the largest oddest
IMG  0715
log cabin in the world.
IMG  0721
Our hotel was
IMG  0724
IMG  0729
Cody, WY
IMG  0730
home to the IRMA hotel, which was owned by Cody's most famous resident -- Buffalo Bill.
IMG  0733
Cody is a touristy (though not as overwhelmingly touristy as Jackson), cowboy town
IMG  0736
complete with a cowboy mailman.
IMG  0741
On our way back to Yellowstone, we passed the forest fire camp
IMG  0742
where all of the fireman slept in between
IMG  0744
fighting the fire
IMG  0746
that was still smoldering a bit (it was pretty much sorted out by the time we got to Yellowstone, but it was a really big fire before).
IMG  0750
Yellowstone pretty much lets fires burn now, because their previous strategy of putting out all of the fires left many of the trees too old and sickly.
IMG  0761
One we arrived at the gate,
IMG  0763
we drove the windy road to the main section of the park.
IMG  0765
Ilaria wanted to take a picture of the giant SUVs that Americans drive to show her friends in Italy. We saw some much bigger than this one, but this was the largest one that would fit in a camera frame from where we were standing.

We wanted to see the north of the park and head to Montana, so we had to pass the part with all of the buffalo and buffalo-induced traffic jams, which was pretty annoying until we saw what was one of the more spectacular things I've seen in my life
buffalo Pana 1
buffalo at a watering hole.
buffalo Pana 3
buffalo Pana 4
If you just didn't look to the side and see all of the tourists, it felt like you just went back 500 years to a more beautiful time when everything was natural and not so tainted by man (not that I want to go back to that time, but it was nice for those 10 minutes).
IMG  0767
IMG  0768
There were buffalo rolling around in the dirt, drinking water from the stream, and some were just hollering out in buffalo-talk (much louder than a cow-mow).
IMG  0793
IMG  0797
IMG  0799
As we try to get out of there, a group of buffalo decided it was time to cross the road.
IMG  0801
How did the buffalo cross the road?

However he wanted...
IMG  0806
More people in Yellowstone each year are hurt by buffalo than by bears,
IMG  0810
and it's pretty easy to see why.
IMG  0817
A little bit up the road, we saw a few elks next to some geese.
IMG  0827
Then we headed North and Ilaria took a nap,
IMG  0830
while I took a photo of the Petrified Tree.

This tree was a redwood like they have in California. 50 million years ago, Yellowstone had a warmer climate like California. A volcanic eruption petrified and preserved this tree fragment.
IMG  0833
IMG  0834
We arrived at the north entrance of Yellowstone,
IMG  0839
and I woke up Ilaria.
IMG  0843
She wanted to travel along the Northwest side of the park a little.
IMG  0845
We found some pretty
IMG  0846
IMG  0849
geothermal sites.
IMG  0856
Down the road, we saw how one naturally reseeded area
IMG  0860
was really coming back to life.
IMG  0866
Then Ilaria wanted to take her daily afternoon-put-her-feet-in-the-water time.

That's not my thing, so I became obsessed with trying to photograph a
IMG  0868
IMG  0871
IMG  0873
Once, I'd mastered foliage-based dragonfly photography, I moved on to
IMG  0879
aerial dragonfly photography.
IMG  0880
I think I'd really need a better camera to have a quick enough shutter speed and light sensitivity to photograph a dragonfly at this zoom level, but I did manage to capture the dragonfly doing a rare
IMG  0881
bend-yourself-in-half maneuver that surprised Ilaria and I.
IMG  0882
Yellowstone, despite being tourist heavy, was one of the better places I've visited, and I'd love to go back someday (preferably in a lower season).
IMG  0884
But two consecutive days of driving around the place was enough for me
IMG  0885
to be happy to move on
IMG  0886
to other places.
IMG  0890
Here's a bigger RV (actually this would be a Mobile Home). Note to Italian friends: they only get a little bigger than this, but it's not uncommon to see these big ones pulling an SUV with a boat strapped to the top.
IMG  0893
Driving north through Montana,
IMG  0894
we experienced what we thought was weird at the time, but learned is something normal in Montana. When they're doing road work, you sometimes have to wait in a long line not moving until
IMG  0896
a pilot car arrives that you follow (very slowly) to the end of the construction.

Our last stop for the day was to the only part of the trip that I helped plan:
IMG  0900
seeing some Prairie Dogs.
IMG  0908
There were a bunch of them out at Greycliff Prairie Dog Town. Prairie Dogs are studied a lot as an example of altruism in mammals.
IMG  0901
They are extremely consistent in their behavior. When you walk towards one, they start barking and slapping their tail to let their friends know to watch out. When you get too close, they run into their hole. They peak out every now and again to see how close you are, and if you are far enough away they'll start barking again. And when you get far enough away, they stop barking and anybody else in the hole comes out to have a look.

It was one of the highlights of my day...
wild west map day 5  1
We spent the night in the college town of Bozeman, MT where Ilaria and I went out for dinner. Ilaria had a trout; I had a buffalo steak; and I lost my American Express card at the restaurant.