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Wild West road trip Day8 another ghosttown and a Catholic Powwow
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IMG  1181
The eighth day of our trip was more of a transition day with no major events planned. Therefore, we had to find ways to keep the day from feeling like we were just driving with no purpose.
IMG  1182
I found purpose in this exit sign, I couldn't remember ever having seen an exit 0 before.
IMG  1183
Right after my exit 0, we entered Idaho and Ilaria wanted to see
IMG  1188
another ghosttown.

This was our first road trip with a laptop, so every night we (by we I mean Ilaria) would find things on our route the next day. This ghosttown was one of the things Ilaria found.
IMG  1191
The town of Burke was built around a lead and silver mines in 1884.
IMG  1194
Like the first ghosttown of our trip,
IMG  1198
we were surprised to find people still living
IMG  1199
in the town.
IMG  1203
They even had stores who clearly had been built after the town became ghosted, but the stores seemed to have suffered the same ghosting fate of the original town.
IMG  1204
But besides the closed mine
IMG  1207
and the old abandoned houses
IMG  1205
there was the occasional inhabited little house (often with nice cars in front).

America is one diverse country.
IMG  1211
After our ghosttown, we visited Wallace, ID -- an old town that avoided becoming a ghosttown.
IMG  1213
After a quick walk around, we headed off to a festival that Ilaria had read about in one of our tourist books.
IMG  1217
It was an American Indian Catholic religious festival in a nearby park.

Not wanting to miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime experience, Ilaria and I
IMG  1219
headed to the most culturally interesting part of our trip.

Yep that is a couple of American Indian dudes in full ceremonial garb and the alter doing their thing
IMG  1220
and here are the priests!
IMG  1221
The hymns and things were all in some Indian language, which sadly only the older American Indians in the congregation still seemed to be able to speak/sing.
IMG  1222
Even the priests were snapping up photos during the service.
IMG  1224
You just don't see
IMG  1225
this everyday!
IMG  1226
IMG  1231
After the interesting
IMG  1234
American Indian Catholic experience, we headed to
IMG  1246
Coeur d'Alene Lake, which seemed to be a popular tourist destination to the locals,
IMG  1241
but it left Ilaria and I a little disappointed. We ate a quick lunch
IMG  1249
and headed
IMG  1255
IMG  1257
to the Idaho
IMG  1260
of wheat
IMG  1264
that we
IMG  1268
knew so well.
We made a quick stop to take a panarama of Clarkston and Lewiston the only decent-sized towns of the day
IMG  1286
Our best landscapes of the day came as we drove through Riggins
IMG  1289
on the Salmon River before stopping in
wild west map day 8  1
New Meadows, ID for the nite.