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Wild West road trip Days 11, 12 and 13 Arches National Park and going home
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IMG  1570
Our last National Park of the trip was
IMG  1571
Arches National Park in Utah.
IMG  1573
The road to Arches
IMG  1575
follows the Moab Fault.
IMG  1579
The ridge on the left and the ridge on the right used to be connected. After the earth cracked, the side with the Arches (the right side) was 2600 feet lower.
IMG  1580
Arches National Park
IMG  1582
is in a high altitude desert
IMG  1587
that sits on top of an underground salt bed,
IMG  1589
creating an unstable geological environment that results in many interesting rock formations.
IMG  1592
200 million years ago, the desert in this area was covered in sand dunes. The dunes were covered by sediment and compressed into sandstone leaving these petrified sand dunes.
IMG  1593
There seemed to be an 1950's car gathering at the park.
IMG  1595
Our first stop was the Balanced Rock.
IMG  1596
The Balanced Rock
IMG  0664
is a Sandstone rock
IMG  0674
on top of a faster eroding pedestal of mudstone.
IMG  0676
Eventually, the pedestal will erode to the point that the Balanced Rock will fall,
IMG  0670
so go see it while you can.
IMG  0680
After the Balanced Rock, we met our
IMG  0682
first arch.
IMG  0692
The park's many arches are formed by the particular way in which the sandstone erodes.
IMG  0693
It was the developing one's first trip to an arch.
IMG  1597
Throughout the park we saw many different arches.
IMG  1598
arches with mountain backdrops,
IMG  1600
single thick arches,
IMG  1604
tall skinny arches,
IMG  1605
twin arches.
IMG  1606
At this arch,
IMG  1607
I met a
IMG  1608
IMG  1609
that let me
IMG  1612
photograph him
IMG  1613
real close.
IMG  1614
By this point in our trip, we'd seen so many sites that we were becoming a little numb to nature's wonders,
IMG  1616
so after a few more arches
IMG  1622
and one last lizard,
IMG  1630
we hit the road to change focus to our long drive home.
IMG  1640
Unfortunately, we got lost on our first start home, and ended up wasting an hour (probably wouldn't have happened if I was driving and Ilaria was navigating; but we were in our weak driving formation).
IMG  1641
Near the interstate,
IMG  1642
Ilaria wanted to stop at
IMG  1643
one more
IMG  1644
IMG  1646
Like all of the previous ghosttowns we'd visited,
IMG  1648
the town was a collection of
IMG  1652
abandoned buildings
IMG  1654
combined with
IMG  1650
a surprising number of
IMG  1649
people that still lived there...
IMG  1656
Here are a couple
IMG  1657
of the town's old mines.
IMG  1658
Before long we were in Colorful Colorado
IMG  1660
which has become one of my favorite states. They've got plains in the east, deserts in the south,
IMG  1661
and beautiful mountains in the West. All they need is a big ocean and it'd be the best place on earth.
wild west map day 11  1
We stopped for the night in Limon, CO.
IMG  1664
Most of the next day we spent making our way through Kansas.
IMG  1665
That night we spent the night in
wild west map day 12  1
Columbia, MO.
IMG  1669
Finally the next day, we arrived back home in Saint Louis. At 5,589 miles, it was our longest road trip to date.
wild west map day 13  1
We certainly saw a lot of the wonderful nature this country has to offer.