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Wild West road trip Days 1 and 2 Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming
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IMG  0009
After an unbelievable road trip in Iceland and after moving to St. Louis where we leased a new Scion XD, Ilaria and I decided a great trip to burn off some of the 12000 miles we get on our car each year would be to follow the old pioneers who left St. Louis to head west.
IMG  0011
So we packed up our stuff,
IMG  0012
and I developed a system to keep my plants watered for
IMG  0013
up-to two weeks.
IMG  0016
At our first gas stop, we ran into a little man dressed
IMG  0017
like a real pioneer.
IMG  0035
Our only city on the first day was Kansas City,
IMG  0041
the rest of the day was just
IMG  0047
IMG  0068
nice blue skies,
IMG  0058
and more farms.
IMG  0077
The next morning, we left our Day's Inn hotel
wild west map day 1  1
in Hays Kansas
IMG  0079
and drove by
IMG  0090
IMG  0105
IMG  0085
oil pumps,
IMG  0096
crop dusters,
IMG  0102
sunflower farms,
IMG  0092
and more farms before arriving in
Colorado state sign
colorful Colorado.
IMG  0118
I wouldn't really call this landscape colorful, but it was certainly a welcome site after so many hours of farms.
IMG  0134
Colorado also had lots of these little windmill things.

The part of Colorado near Kansas is also pretty devoid of people and there really aren't any large suburbs
IMG  0137
so Denver just sorta jumps out at you.
Denver skyline
It was my first time in Denver (Ilaria's second) and I really liked the city with the mountainous backdrop.
Colorado State House
We parked by the state house and walked around
Ilaria Mogno Jeremiah Faith in Denver
IMG  0163
to take in this beautiful day
IMG  0164
in a town with a really nice atmosphere.
IMG  0173
Denver is at a pretty high altitude
IMG  0176
and is often called the mile high city
IMG  0178
because one of the steps of the state house is
IMG  0179
one mile high.
IMG  0183
We left the flower filled
IMG  0184
IMG  0191
of the state house
IMG  0188
to take a walk around the city
DNC Denver
that was soon to host the DNC for Barack Obama.

We drove around the city looking for a place to have lunch, but decided
IMG  0196
to drive towards Boulder
IMG  0197
and find a place
IMG  0201
to eat
illegal petes Boulder
IMG  0200
IMG  0205
The main reason I wanted to drive through Boulder was to see
IMG  0207
what many folks say is the most beautiful setting for a college in the US -- UC Boulder.
UC Boulder
Pretty nice...
IMG  0220
After a little more driving, we arrived in
wyoming state sign
Wyoming -- our third state of the day.
IMG  0232
The landscape was changing again and towns were getting smaller
Buford Wyoming
and smaller.

Buford claims to be the smallest town in the US.
IMG  0235
They probably have some of the most expensive gas in the country too, so we only bought one gallon to make sure we'd get to the next station.
IMG  0250
Wyoming brought the most interesting weather of the trip, you could always see what the weather would be like in the next few minutes.
IMG  0252
Rain, sun, rainbows,
IMG  0254
blue skys,
IMG  0261
purple sunsets.

We'd made great progress and were starting to near some of our main destinations,
wild west map day 1  2
so we stopped at a Microtel in Rawlins
IMG  0271
for the night.