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first Red Sox game
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going To Fenway
I've lived in Boston for almost 2 yrs and I still haven't been to a sox game! (meanwhile Ilaria had already gone twice and she doesn't really like baseball). It was time to fill in this missing segment of my life.
fenway 1
So we walked the five blocks from our office to Fenway Park home to such legends as Ted Williams and Babe Ruth (before the curse).
green Monster
And of course, home of the green monster.
As you can see from the scoreboard, Boston put a whooping on Tampa Bay early on.
And with a temperature in the 30s, the weather was putting a whooping on us!
But at least it kept everyone's beer cold.
David Ortiz steps up to the plate,
as I enjoy the last chance I'll ever have to take Ilaria to a baseball game with temperatures below freezing,
end Of Game
and the red sox move one step closer to a division championship.