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hot air balloons in Forest Park
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IMG  1672
Once a year Saint Louis has the Great Forest Park Balloon Race.
IMG  1670
The balloons are
IMG  1678
inflated in groups
IMG  1685
to prevent too much traffic
IMG  1686
in the sky.
IMG  1690
IMG  1679
This year the Energizer bunny balloon didn't fly, they just inflated and deflated it (it was enormous).
IMG  1693
Ilaria and the developing one were there with me.
IMG  1710
I knew this would be something new that Ilaria would like (I'd seen it when I was a kid in St. Louis).
IMG  1714
All of the
IMG  1716
IMG  1724
in the sky
IMG  1730
IMG  1732
Towards the middle
IMG  1738
of the race
IMG  1741
there were balloons
IMG  1743
as far as you could see.
IMG  1745
Hopefully next year
IMG  1746
the developing one will get to see them too.