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Albums from the year 2007

Feb 2007DC trip before DOE GTL conference
Mar 2007Sunday River ski trip 2007
Mar 2007DC trip with Saylors 2007
Apr 2007Matsuzaka pitches first game in Boston
May 2007NESM Woods Hole 2007
June 2007Barcelona Spring 2007
June 2007An American in an Italian grocery store
June 2007Madrid Spring 2007
July 2007J family beach and baseball trip 2007
Aug 2007Postdoc interviews in St. Louis
Aug 2007Martha's Vineyard 2007
Sep 2007Matteo comes to Boston
Sep 2007Acadia National Park 2007
Nov 2007Thanksgiving DC 2007
Nov 2007Thanksgiving Charleston 2007
Nov 2007Thanksgiving Hilton Head 2007
Nov 2007Thanksgiving Savannah 2007
Nov 2007Thanksgiving Virginia 2007
Dec 2007San Diego RECOMB Conference 2007
Dec 2007Italy Christmas 2007
Dec 2007Agricultural Biotechnology tour with Maria Rita
Dec 2007Rome Christmas 2007
Dec 2007Vienna Christmas 2007
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